Deer Deterrence / Repellent

Deer present a logistical problem for all forestry personnel. Their diets consist of not only herbs and grasses but also the tender shoots, leaves and bark off newly establishing crops. This presents an issue whereby game stocks need to be adjusted to reflect the natural capacity of their habitat whilst ensuring the woodlands remain healthy and productive.

This is not always easy, although there are a number of remedies which include fencing and culling, these may not always be the most appropriate, especially if an estate abuts the woodland and they require the deer for commercial purposes. Therefore a different approach can be applied.

In 2017 Kvizda obtained a registration in the UK for deer repellent called TRICO® (MAPP 18149). Trico has been proven to give highly effective protection to trees, garden plants, vineyards, orchards and agricultural crops against browsing. It has the advantage over two other repellents on the market in that it has good rainfastness and is visible thus providing effective protection against game damage during both the summer and winter. It is a ready-to-use spray and can be applied using conventional knapsack sprayers, tunnel spraying machines and field sprayers.

It offers long-term protection for deciduous and coniferous species, right through to the start of the spring growth.   Please see the label for the rates of use.

Game Damage

All this damage has a direct impact on the forests/woodlands, not only commercially but also on sustainability. With regard to the latter, the impairment sustained by young plants produces delays in regeneration. In some instances regeneration is only possible where protective measures are put into place – eg fencing (or now the use of Trico to deter the deer). In addition the de-barking/fraying of the trees can cause a rot fungi to infect the trees which, if this spreads, can have an adverse affect on the stability of the species. This will reduce the economic value of the timber. If the rot spreads then there will be too few high-quality trees for felling thus reducing the commercial value even more.

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