Sphere, a sister company of Laronkarn Ltd, manufactures two formulations of animal and bird repellents which are used to repel unwanted birds and mammals from destroying crops or fouling in private or public places.

The repellents can be purchased through many outlets – for home use the products are sold through DIY, garden centres and other outlets that deal with gardens and are marketed under the following names:

Product Name – Amateur Use

Growing Success Wild Animal Repellent
Growing Success Mole Repellent
Pestshield Animal Repellent
Bayer Animal Repellent concentrate
Defenders Wild Animal Repellent
DOFF Cat and Dog Repellent
DOFF Wildlife Repellent Spray

How Sphere came about

For companies/individuals who are contracted to go in and ‘move’ a pest on, they can purchase either the liquid or powder formulations from Barrettine Group (www.barrettine.co.uk) under the name REZIST.

How the Curb powder repellent first came into being makes extremely interesting reading. Back in 1963 the inventor, Lt Col Rufus Stone RE was made redundant at 51 from the UK/European Agricultural, Foodstuffs and Veterinary division of Cyanamid. Having worked in this area for a considerable number of years he had developed a good idea of what animals found repellent. After some trials he found a substance that worked (Curb) and then very wisely took out patents in 25 countries.

Some of the Countries/people he has supplied the repellent to are:

  • The Kremlin, Moscow to deter pigeons from defecating on the roof
  • Tea Plantation owner in Assam whose tea grading shed timbers were being used as scratching posts for elephants (with the dreadful consequence of knocking it down!).
  • Application at Airports to deter bird strikes on aircraft
  • Football pitch invasions of foxes and birds at Premier League football clubs and London Embassies
  • Deterrent of foxes from killing farmers chickens
  • Application of Curb to immaculate lawns to stop badgers digging for worms and ruining them